To MAPS Charities,

My profound gratitude for all you do for people in need of help when in a financial crisis. When we are young and healthy, many of us can’t imagine that we will require help with basic needs. I must admit to such hubris even though I was working as a teacher with families in dire circumstances.

I have always been active in my community both raising funds and pushing government and elected officials to provide jobs, adequate food, housing and medical care for all. Now that I’m on the other end of aging, I can personally see the problems of inadequate medical and dental care and/or the inability to take advantage of what is offered. I truly appreciate organizations and charities like yours that help fill the cracks in care for those who need help.

I want to personally thank you for your generous donation toward the purchase of a denture for me. It was getting hard for me to eat anything but soups and soft foods. I really miss salads!

Many Thanks,