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Marlene Harrison

~ Anneta Halpern

Janet Morris

Thank you, Janet Morris, for your selfless dedication, your tenacity, and your profound impact continue to improve the lives of older adults in Los Angeles County and beyond. Your work is a testament to the power of advocacy and the spirit of kindness. Happy Birthday Janet!

~ Kim Selfon and Steve Abrams

Trude Mandel

Happy Birthday to a lady who always has a beautiful smile and never lets anything stop her!

I love you!!!


~ Lori Michiel

Janet Morris

~ Scott Beizaie

Alan Taylor

– Frederick Martin

Gina and Dani Rozaner

In honor of your marriage. I know it was a special day filled with love and high spirits.
Much love, Lori and Ralphie

– Lori and Ralph Michiel

Allison and Steve Martini

Malki Muhannad

Thank you Malki for everything that you do!

– Keith Paul

Marlene Harrison

~ Michael Harrison

Marlene Harrison

~ Sidney Levinson and Family

To My Clients

In honor of my dedicated clients who work so hard to maintain their independence and my trainers who are supporting their efforts.

~ Lori Michiel, Lori Michiel Fitness

Marlene Harrison

Happy Birthday Wishes to Marlene

~ Jue-Clay

Sue Pomerantz

For the legendary Sue Pomerantz. Your professionalism, dedication, commitment, and friendship have been invaluable to our industry. We are blessed to have you!

~ Justin Levi

Steve Supowitz

On his birthday

~ Ronald Margolis

Janet Morris, Esq.



~ Jacqueline Wazir

Michael Harrison

~ Anonymous

Janet Morris

~ Susie Romano & Randy Steinberg

Kevin Crowell

Kevin, thanks for the great work you do for MAPS Charities and otherwise!

~ Norman Eisen