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Janet Morris

~ Scott Beizaie

Alan Taylor

– Frederick Martin

Gina and Dani Rozaner

In honor of your marriage. I know it was a special day filled with love and high spirits.
Much love, Lori and Ralphie

– Lori and Ralph Michiel

Allison and Steve Martini

Malki Muhannad

Thank you Malki for everything that you do!

– Keith Paul

Marlene Harrison

~ Michael Harrison

Marlene Harrison

~ Sidney Levinson and Family

To My Clients

In honor of my dedicated clients who work so hard to maintain their independence and my trainers who are supporting their efforts.

~ Lori Michiel, Lori Michiel Fitness

Marlene Harrison

Happy Birthday Wishes to Marlene

~ Jue-Clay

Sue Pomerantz

For the legendary Sue Pomerantz. Your professionalism, dedication, commitment, and friendship have been invaluable to our industry. We are blessed to have you!

~ Justin Levi

Steve Supowitz

On his birthday

~ Ronald Margolis

Janet Morris, Esq.



~ Jacqueline Wazir

Michael Harrison

~ Anonymous

Janet Morris

~ Susie Romano & Randy Steinberg

Kevin Crowell

Kevin, thanks for the great work you do for MAPS Charities and otherwise!

~ Norman Eisen