OnSite CPR Training

12625 Mitchell Ave #9
Los Angeles, CA 90066

Linda Radell is the owner of OnSite CPR, an American Heart Association licensed training center. She is a California licensed, EMT Emergency Medical Technician). Since 1996 we have trained over 43,000 people in the life saving skills of CPR, First Aid and use of the AED (defibrillator).

My clients include schools, camps, country clubs, corporations, government employees, medical and dental professionals, and also new parents. I have also worked with a local Fire Department to help them set up a CPR training group. My greatest reward/award the stories told to me in class of people using these skills to save the life of a loved one–or coworker. I am honored to have been with MAPS since itʼs beginning as small networking group. And am especially honored to be a part of this amazing 501(c)3 charity.