Grant Requests


MAPS Charities serves seniors aged 60 or over who are currently living in Los Angeles County and require funds and/or services to provide the basic necessities to enhance their quality of life.

Applying for Assistance

Grant Requests must be submitted by a Professional Senior Advocate (PSA). No applications are accepted directly from the senior in need or their family members.

Examples of a PSA are: Senior Care Manager / Physician / Social Worker / Discharge Planner / Senior Service Provider / Senior Service Agency / Other Professionals Who Specialize in Senior Issues.

Click here for Request Deadlines & Board Meetings and review the guidelines below before you complete the Request Form.

2022 Guidelines for Grant Requests

  • Client must be at least 60 years of age and reside in Los Angeles County.
  • MAPS Charities works only with Professional Senior Advocates (PSAs), not directly with seniors and their family members.
  • Maximum grant is a $750 lifetime limit per person.
  • PSAs must not submit requests for their family members.
  • Completed Requests must be submitted by 6:00p.m. on the deadline date. Click here for request deadlines.


More than one type of request can be submitted on the same request.

Payment Request

    • Vendor bills/quotes must accompany request (PDF file, please).
    • PSA must confirm vendor will accept a MAPS Charities’ check.
    • Checks will be sent directly to the vendor.
    • Rent assistance – A company W-9 and a lease agreement or letter from the landlord/management company must accompany the request and include:
      • Confirmation that client resides at that address
      • Monthly rent amount
      • Name of payee and address where the check should be mailed
      • Email address of landlord or property management contact
    • Home Care & Adult Day Care Assistance – Request must be approved prior to service being performed. Payment will be made after service has been provided and an invoice is received.
      Request must include the following:

      • Copy of agency business license and W-9
      • Quote for service provided by agency on letterhead
      • Auto-pay bills, credit card bills, and personal loans will not be considered.

Purchase of Item(s)

    • Item(s) exceeding $200 require two quotes for similar items.
    • Requested amount must include cost, tax, delivery, installation and haul-away charges.
    • Links must be provided for each quote.
    • Upon approval, MAPS Charities will order the item requested and ship directly to the client.


Complete our Grant Request form and confirm Submission Deadlines.

Requests received after 6:00p.m. on the deadline date will be reviewed the following month.

Click the button below to fill out a Grant Request Form.Grant Request Form Button

For assistance in filling out the Grant Request Form, click here for a video tutorial, or click here for a printable manual.


The PSA will be notified via email that the Request is approved or denied within two to three business days after the Board meeting.

The PSA must inform the client when to expect the delivery of purchased item(s). If item(s) are incorrect, the PSA will be responsible for the return.

Once item(s) arrive, please email MAPS Charities as notice of receipt.

Click here for a printable copy of the above Guidelines.