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serves seniors age 65 and over in Los Angeles County. Our grants provide funds or services to seniors for basic necessities or to enhance their quality of life.



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MAPS Charities assisting LA County seniors
MAPS Charities assisting seniors

Over and over again we see it…

Many L.A. County seniors struggle to afford reading glasses, plumbing repairs, appliances, utility bills, monthly rent, dental work, or even incontinent supplies…YOU can make a direct impact on the life of a senior in need.

Learn how MAPS Charities fulfills these requests and how YOU can be a part of our mission!

Gratitude for MAPS Charities

MAPS Charities helps with storage

Storage Space

I want to thank all the good people at MAPS Charities for granting my request for assistance with my storage fees. It has been a very difficult year for me. I have had to store all my worldly goods. The assistance that I have received allows me some very needed ‘breathing space’. We are all fortunate that organizations like yours exist in this world. The work that you do is essential in reminding us all that goodness and help is needed and available to those of us who are struggling to make their way in the world, this late in their lives.

My Very Best to You All,

MAPS Charities help senior with wheelchair ramp

Wheelchair Ramp

I was told Friday that your organization will be sending a handicap ramp here for my mother. Our situation here turned rather suddenly for the worse there has been much to do and learn, a bit overwhelming. So the news of the ramp and your generosity couldn’t have come at a better time. Thank You. We are very grateful. Peace. Love. Joy.


MAPS Charities helping pay dental bills


I am very thankful to you for the donation for my new denture. I was in a lot of pain, and now I hope to feel better soon and enjoy my life!

All my best,

Magnifying glass from MAPS Charities

Magnifying Glass

Thank you so much MAPS team!!! My client was thrilled to be able to read his mail today with the help of magnifying devices. Appreciate all you do for our seniors.

Thank you,
Intensive Case Manager

Wheelchair provided for Los Angeles County Senior.


I just followed up with my client and she confirmed she received the wheelchair. She sounded so happy and told me she will finally be able to go out with her family this weekend and is very much looking forward to it!
Thank you so much for all that your organization does for the seniors, your work really makes a big difference.

Thank you,
Senior Services Case Manager

Solar generator grant

Solar Generator

My client wanted me to extend his gratitude to you. This item will help ease the burden of his homelessness and improve his current situation.


Jacob, Case Manager


HP Computer


This email is coming to you through the courtesy of MAPS and the HP computer they provided.

After the setup and loading all the required software, I am now able to go online, search, and send email.

A BIG Thank You again to both you and Mageara for helping me help myself.

Thank you, also to MAPS Charities for their trust and generosity.



Companion Plush Dog

All Companion Pet

I just want to send you a follow up e-mail and let you know Miss T received her Joy for All Companion Pet, his name is Duke. When I spoke with her, she lit up talking about him, telling me how gorgeous he is, and he is her best friend. They enjoy cuddling, watching baseball, and when she walks by him to answer the phone he barks at her. She told me this was the most amazing gift she could’ve received.

Thank you so much for getting this for her. It’s truly brought so much joy to her life.

– Karyn

Utility Bills

Utility Bill

To the Members of MAPS Charities

I just wanted to thank you so much for your incredible act of kindness and generosity. You helped me reduce my bill this month and I cannot tell you how much I appreciate it. I don’t know what I would have done otherwise. I just wanted you to know what a big difference it made to me!


A MAPS Charities Recipient

Microwave Oven

Microwave Oven

Thank you for the donation from MAPS Charities that I had requested for my client. My client is very grateful in receiving her microwave that was delivered last week.

– Case Manager


New Fan

I wanted to say thank you to your anonymous donor and MAPS Charities for your prompt response with assisting our senior clients. In my 18 years as a social worker working with seniors, I have never received any request in such a prompt fashion. Attached is a picture of our client who was extremely grateful for the assistance he received.

Thank You,
Senior Manager

Lift Recliner Chair

Recliner Lift Chair

Thank you for the great news, my client will be thrilled. I am grateful for your assistance to our seniors!!!

– Estefani (Case Worker)

Washing Machine for Senior in Need

New Washing Machine

My husband I want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the incredible and gracious gift of our new washing machine. Our old machine was in disrepair and now we can do laundry to our heart’s content because of you! Please know we are so very grateful to be the recipients of your kindness. Attached is a photo of the washer for you to admire.

Best wishes,
MAPS Charities Recipient

Bed for senior

Big Bed!

I would just like to thank MAPS Charities for helping me with this lovely, comfortable, big bed.

– David

MAPS Charities, I would like to express my appreciation for your generosity in support of my client.

Your assistance means so much to me, my client and our agency. He is enjoying his new bed. Sincerely, Teresa (Case Manager)

Shoes for Seniors

New Shoes

The client purchased a pair of comfortable walking shoes this weekend.
This will reduce her fall risk significantly. She was so happy, and grateful.

Thank you so much,

D.R., Clinical Consultant

Vacuum Cleaner

Thank you for the beautiful vacuum cleaner.

Thank you for the beautiful vacuum cleaner. It is much appreciated. This vacuum will really help me out with my cleaning.

Thanks again,