About Us

In 2010, MAPS Charities, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, was founded by a group of professionals who had spent many years providing a vast cross-section of services to seniors and their families. They identified that many needs were outside the scope of traditional social services. MAPS Charities was created to fill these gaps to enable seniors to remain safe and enhance their quality of life.

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L.A. County seniors assisted since 2010

Older male and female couple

Our board of directors and volunteers are passionate about achieving our mission to provide short-term solutions for seniors in need in Los Angeles County.

Partnering with social workers and other health care professionals allows MAPS Charities to reach vulnerable seniors. With requests growing monthly, MAPS Charities is looked upon to help with the unique problems of this population.

Grants, gifts, and fundraisers allow MAPS Charities to provide resources and services for Los Angeles County seniors. JOIN US TODAY!