Grant Frequently Asked Questions

Please refer to our Guidelines and Request Timeline for further information.

Who can submit a request?

Only a PSA – Professional Senior Advocate. Any of the following professionals can submit requests on behalf of their clients: Case Manager / Physician / Social Worker / Discharge Planner / Senior Service Provider / Senior Service Agency / Other professionals who specialize in senior issues.

How can a senior find a Professional Senior Advocate (PSA)?

Please call a senior center in your area and they can help you find a PSA.

Does my client have to live in Los Angeles County to receive assistance?

MAPS Charities only covers the Los Angeles County area.

My client is in desperate need but is not 65 years old. Do you make any exceptions?

With the high number of requests we receive, MAPS Charities is only able to serve seniors age 65 and over.

How do I know if my client has reached the $500 MAPS Charities lifetime limit?

You can email to address your inquiry.

What if my client has an urgent emergency situation?

MAPS Charities does not operate as an emergency need organization.

Can I make more than one request at a time for a client?

With our online system, you are able to make multiple requests on one form. Please do not submit more than one request per month for an individual client. You can continue to submit additional requests in the months that follow until your client has reached the $500 per person lifetime limit.

Are there any items that MAPS Charities does not consider?

MAPS Charities does not consider requests for:

  • Bills enrolled in autopay
  • Bills in collections
  • Credit card payments or loans (home mortgage is acceptable)
  • Payments to the IRS or DMV
  • Insurance payments
  • Mobility scooters
  • Stoves or wall ovens
  • Transportation vouchers
  • Vehicle repairs

If my client is requesting an item to be purchased over $500, can they pay the difference?

No. Our system does not allow for partial payments on products purchased for a client.

My client needs help with the cost of a dental procedure. Is there anything I should know before I submit my request?

In addition to the quote or bill from the dentist, we need a completed W-9 form from the dentist. If the invoice is greater than the $500 that MAPS allows, we need to know that the dentist will create a payment plan and begin work. If not, then we will hold the check until funds are received elsewhere, and the dentist begins the procedure.

When will I hear if the grant is approved or denied?

You will be notified via email within one week after the monthly review date with the decision on your grant.

Our Guidelines and Grant Request Timeline specify the deadlines for requests to be considered and the Board Meeting dates when requests are reviewed.

If a request is submitted for a couple living together, can the request be over $500?

A qualifying senior couple is allowed up to $500 each, which can be combined for requests up to $1000. The overall amount will be deducted from each client and any remainder can be used at a later date.

If help is needed to complete an application or answer a question, who can I contact?

You can email and leave a question and/or phone number. Someone will get back with you within 24 hours, Monday through Friday between 9am and 5pm.

What information do you need for the Client Assessment section?

In order for the MAPS Charities Board to make an informed decision regarding a grant request, there are a number of things we need to know about the client: The client’s living situation – do they live alone or with family? The financial situation – what forms of income do they receive? Do they get resources elsewhere or from friends and family? Why at this point does the client need help – what in their situation has changed?

How do I “provide a link” in my request form?

Have your browser open on the webpage with the item needed. Highlight the entire link in the URL/Search bar, select the entire row of information, select copy, then paste it into the online form. Do not select the URL/Search bar information while in your Shopping Cart. The Shopping Cart is only viewable to the user, not to us.

How do I “upload a document” in my request?

There are two ways to upload a file: drag and drop the file into the box provided or click to “Browse Files,” highlight the document from the file menu in your computer and select “Open”.

Why do I need to provide two quotes when an item is over $200?

Sometimes an item can vary in cost from vendor to vendor. MAPS Charities needs to have the option to purchase at a better price, and/or have the ability to select a vendor that has the item in stock and can deliver more quickly.

Will MAPS Charities contact the vendor to let them know a check is coming?

It is up to the PSA or client to inform the recipient that a check is forthcoming. Clients should always check to make sure a credit has been applied to their account and to let their PSA contact us to follow up.

If something is ordered and requires a delivery, how will I be notified of the delivery date and time?

Within the approval email sent after the Board meeting, the PSA will be provided with the delivery date of the item. It is the PSA’s responsibility to inform the client and have them prepare and be available for the delivery.