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Aziza El Mazati

In memory of my incredible mother, a woman with a warrior spirit and giant heart. I miss you every single day.

Love, Sonja

Tom Tracy

Tom was an angel and worked so hard to remain strong for his loving wife, Carol

– Lori Michiel

Marilyn Nivens

For giving your all at times it was so difficult to do so.

– Lori Michiel

Pauline Romano

– Janet Morris’s Bet Tzedek Family

Pauline Romano

Having been where you are, I know the pain, the hole your mom has left, but the cherished memories that will fill that hole.

– With friendship and affection, Sue Pomerantz

Pauline Romano

In loving memory of Pauline Romano. who will forever live on in our heart.

– Linda and Vincent

Pauline Romano

In loving memory of Pauline Romero.

– Sarah Gelberd MD

Pauline Romano


In memory of your mom Pauline, the Bernhardt family in Chicago is thinking about all of you and sending love.

– Wein Bernhardt Family in Chicago

Pauline Romano

Janet & Laurie,

This is a personal donation to your Mom from your Friends at SMU. Sent with Love.

Pauline Romano

Dear Janet, Laurie, Susie & Ted,

I remember your Mom’s big smile when first time I met her at Europa. God bless her for bringing so much joy to this life. May all the memories live on.

xo, Barbara Tenzer

Pauline Romano

You will always live in our hearts and memories.

– Nily Harel and Mona Douek

Pauline Romano

I know that her memory be a blessing to her loving family and others she leaves behind.

– Bunni Dybnis

Pauline Romano

Laurie Sasson –

May Pauline’s memory be for a blessing. She was a strong but sweet woman.

– Lederman, Zeidler Gray & Co.


Ken Tennen

Diane, so sorry to hear of the untimely passing of your husband.

~ Preston Gould

Ken Tennan

Rotary Club of Woodland Hills in honor of Ken Tennen.

~ Rotary Club of Woodland Hills

Ken Tennen

In Honor of Diane Sussman Tennen’s husband.

~ Sandy Rosenholz

Florence Tenzer

In memory of Florence Tenzer, proud mother of Barbara Tenzer, my dear friend

~ Janet Morris

Norma Dinner

In Memoriam of Norma Dinner

-The Jay and Adriana Balaban Family Foundation

Eddie Schachter

To my special aunt, Arlene in memory of her loving husband, father and my dear, dear uncle.  

Sweet dreams. 

~ Lori Michiel

Norma Dinner


Your mother was a woman ahead of her time and a blessing to her family.



– Marlene Harrison 

Norma Dinner


What an amazing person your mom was and what a life she had.

Sending love to you,


~ Jill Masters

Edward Grossman

In memory of my adoring Uncle Eddie who was my second father. I will miss you so much. Say hi to Daddy and Aunt Millie. I hope you had the right password to get into heaven. LOL

~ Lori and Ralph Michiel