I assist seniors and their families in planning for end-of-life care and facilitate these plans for older adults. I advocate for the needs of older adults and help them carry out their wishes for the long run of their lives.

For over 15 years, I have seen plans, whether through trusts or other estate planning devices, fall through the cracks and fail. It is my desire to assist any individual or family to plan for these potential pitfalls and problems that might arise in the process of aging and help them find solutions that fit their individual needs.

Each individual has different concerns and addressing them on a personal basis according to their needs is the best way to see that their wishes will be met in the future.

We can only plan so well and trying to address personal preferences as thoroughly as possible will help provide for the best possible outcome in the long run.

It is my honor to be placed in a position of trust to help make these plans a reality, whether acting as their advocate or facilitating family members to act accordingly!